Our Fleet

Mercedes E Class

Executive Class |

Our most prestigious car, the Mercedes Executive Class is for those times when you need a cachet car, perhaps for a party or maybe a prom – whenever you feel you need a hint of prestige and esteem in your ride. It’s driven by our best drivers and has advanced modern functions to make your ride that much cooler.

Saloon Car

1 to 4 People | 2 Bag, 2 Small Suitcase

This is our typical, nuclear family car comfortably seating a family of 4 with room for a couple of suitcases and bags. Its modern and elegant look together with its speed and maneuverability makes it a perfect choice for a fun family trip.

Estate Car

1 to 4 People | 3 Bag, 3 Small Suitcase

If you have a big family or are planning a trip with friends and are in need for a suitably sized vehicle, look no further than our Estate Cars. With enough room for up to 6 people, this SUV is the our recommended option for big groups.


1 to 4 People | 4 Bag, 4 Small Suitcase

1 to 6 People | 2 Bag, 2 Small Suitcase

Bigger then our Estate Car, it has great ergonomic design with very comfy seats. It’s built for the same purpose as the bigger family Car – to house a large group of people. It has plenty of room to store large suitcases as well so it’s also a reasonable choice if you want to go to an airport.

MPV Plus

1 to 7 People  6 Bag, 4 suitcase

If the Estate Car MPV isn’t big enough, don’t worry – we have one last trick up our sleeves. The Mercedes Viano is the biggest vehicle in our fleet, easily seating 7 people. That’s about as many people as a limousine! We don’t know what you’d need such a massive car for but we still have that option for you just in case. It’s popular among those who have a lot of baggage so it’s ideal for airport rides.

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