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Orange Cars UK is a premier private-hire company operating 24/7 throughout Greater London. We have a line-up of several state-of-the-art modern vehicles in our fleet for the purpose of providing excellent and efficient transportation services. We aim to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering affordable prices, highly skilled and trained drivers. All our drivers go through a comprehensive test and training to ensure they provide exceptional customer service and a safe reliable journey for our passengers.

Our fleet consists of vehicles ranging from luxury cars to eco-friendly hybrids and are perfect for any trip you might be planning – whether it’s a short journey to a local landmark, a long ride to the airport requiring a lot of space or a prestigious suit-and-tie event demanding some cachet, we have it all. Our motto is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and we succeed by providing outstanding and unique services which we guarantee will impress.

Area We Cover

All our vehicles are late models ranging from luxury cars to environmentally friendly Hybrid vehicles.

E1, E2, E3 E5, E8, E9, E10, E14, E15, E16, E20

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Our Fleet

Marcedes E Class

Executive Class

Saloon Car

1 to 4 Seater

Estate Car

1 to  4 Seater


1 to 6 Seater

MPV Plus

1 to 7 Seater

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  • Trusted and reliable service

  • Offer varieties of Vehicle which suit your need

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Happy Clients over 5000+

“I want to book a car that excites me. It must be nearby. I want no fuss, but every comfort. I want to feel noticed and be remembered. Above all, want a safe and secure journey home with a smile on my face.”


Jameson Wright, United Kingdom
“I had a huge party the other night at my mate’s place. It was a proper posh party as well. But I didn’t have a fancy car or enough money to rent one either. I asked around and one of my friends recommended Orange Cars and it was absolutely fantastic! I just wowed when the Mercedes parked outside my house to pick me up. 10/10 if there is a rating system – thank you so much!!!”


Mack Elain, United Kingdom
“I used to take the bus to the airport but I have to wake up so early to make sure I arrive on time. They have to stop at every bus stop and that just takes too long. I can’t take taxis either since their prices basically rob me. After looking online, I stumbled across Orange Cars and thought I’d give them a try – easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in terms of transportation. They get me to the airport crazy fast and they cost much less than a black taxi. The drivers are also very fun to talk to; it’s blatantly clear that they’ve gone through a lot of training.”


Jim Williams, United Kingdom

“I’ve been using Orange Cars for over 3 months now and it has never disappointed me. Even in the worst traffic, the driver always manages to get ahead of it and often finds another route. If you’re looking for a masters of improve then you’ve found them.”


Lucy Waller, United Kingdom

“Taxis are ridiculously expensive to the point some even say the meter has been messed with. I don’t have to worry about that because I put my trust in Orange Cars. Their prices are brilliantly cheap and often times, they’re much faster than ordinary black taxis.”


Kate Johnson, United Kingdom
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